Accessibility help

We want everyone to be able to use this web site. Below are some hints and tips. 

If you have restricted vision or a visual impairment 

Sometimes the most simple solution is to increase the font size. On most University websites this is possible. For Windows users use the Control and + keys together to increase the font size and Control and - to make it smaller. Control and 0 takes you back to the default size.  

Apple users just use the Command (sometimes known at the 'Apple' key) along with -, + or 0. 

The video below shows you how. 


There is more information an assistive technology on the RNIB web site at: 


What about physical disability or restricted movement? 

Other tools 

Apple Mac users can use accessibility tools built into OS X under System Preferences / Accessibility. The 'Zoom' control is a particularly effective way of zooming into anything on screen. 

And if all else fails... 

Please ask at the SIZ for assistance or email There is further information at


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